When you help bathe your loved one do you notice a loss of dignity?

Are you tired of using the shower curtain as a barrier?
Does seeing your loved one naked make you feel uncomfortable?

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Dignity Bath & Spa
Dignity Bath & Spa


We understand your challenges while helping bathe your loved one! We have been in your shoes so created The Wrap to help in many ways.

Our Wrap is a swimsuit fabric coverup is to be worn from undressing through showering.

These are some benefits you may experience!

  • Help your loved one regain dignity. The Wrap covers privates.
  • Stand close during bathing and feel more comfortable. Be able to respond quicker to loved one’s movements.
  • Help you, the caregiver, be less embarrassed
  • Get a better grip on your loved one. The fabric clings to the body like a swimsuit.
  • Be able to respond to loved one’s movements.
  • Give better cleansing and rinsing with the perforated fabric.
  • Keep loved one warmer as The Wrap holds warmth and stops drafts.
  • Give loved one a layer between tush and shower bench.
Dignity Bath & Spa

"Thank you for creating such a great wrap.
I recently started helping my dad take a shower and we use your wrap.
It is a life saver so that he is not naked in front of me.
He has vascular dementia and gets confused and needs help with all things."

Kathryn, Tampa FL

"My sister's caregiver and husband love it [the Wrap].
They say it is very helpful; Nancy is less disruptive. She used to get angry when you moved her in and out of her wheelchair.
Now the covering makes it faster and more comfortable"

Mary, Laguna Beach CA


Dignity Bath & Spa

Easy snap Button
Fit female chest 24”-44”
Quick dry swimsuit material

Dignity Bath & Spa

Fits male waist 22”-44”
Sit for more skin exposed to H20

Dignity Bath & Spa

Non-slip silicone elastic band
Slits for easy washing, female only

How to Use the wrap

How it works:

Dignity Bath & Spa
  • While your Loved One is dressed, take off or lightly lift up you Loved One's top and wrap The Wrap around your Loved One's chest or waist.
  • Begin to fully undress Loved One.
  • Help Loved One into the shower or bath with The Wrap on.
  • Use The Wrap as a washcloth for the private areas by applying soap directly onto The Wrap. Bubbles will form and the soap will reach the skin
  • Wrap a towel around Loved One
  • Unsnap and remove The Wrap. Be sure to place The Wrap in a safe place
  • Help Loved One dress
  • Rinse out The Wrap and hang to dry