Providing Care with Dignity.

We are here to help you solve the loss of your Loved One's dignity, as well as reduce embarrassment, discomfort, and danger for Loved Ones being bathed by Caregivers.

THE WRAP has been carefully designed to provide privacy while receiving care.

**THE WRAP is designed to fit many sizes and not fully closing is expected (model is size 4)**

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Benefits and Uses


Covers private areas while bathing for privacy and comfort.


Bridging the gap between awkward silences and heartfelt connections.


Wet skin can be slippery, with THE WRAP, your loved one feels secure, and you have peace of mind knowing they're safe. Also, stand closer and respond more quickly to a Loved One's movements


THE WRAP's unique texture traps lather, creating a spa-like experience even at home


THE WRAP envelops you in gentle fabric, creating a sense of privacy and comfort between the seat and body.

  • "Thank you for creating such a great wrap. I recently started helping my dad take a shower and we use your wrap.   It is a life saver so that he is not naked in front of me.  He has vascular dementia and gets confused etc and needs help with all things."

    Kathryn, Tampa, FL

  • "My sister's caregiver and husband love it [the Wrap]. They say it is very helpful; Nancy is less disruptive. She used to get angry when you moved her in and out of her wheelchair. Now the covering makes it faster and more comfortable"

    Mary, Laguna Beach, CA

  • "My mom used your wrap and it was a good experience for her!"

    Leslie, Lake Forest, CA

Graphic of a blue bath cover up on a woman figure showing the benefits. 1- a non-slip elastic band, 2- Slits for easy washing and undressing, 3- Snaps for custom fit, 4- Fits most sizes, and 5- quick drying fabric

How to Use THE WRAP

  1. While your Loved One is dressed, take off or lightly lift up your Loved One's top and wrap THE WRAP around your Loved One's chest or waist.
  2. Rotate the opening towards a thigh
  3. Begin to fully undress Loved One
  4. Help Loved One into the shower or bath with THE WRAP on
  5. Use THE WRAP as a washcloth for the private areas by applying soap directly onto THE WRAP. Bubbles will form and the soap will reach the skin
  6. Rinse thoroughly and use THE WRAP to wipe away any soap residue from the private areas
  7. Wrap a towel around Loved One
  8. Unsnap and remove THE WRAP. Be sure to place it in a safe place
  9. Help Loved One dress
  10. Rinse out THE WRAP and hang to dry
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"While it is hard to change the dependence factor, it is not difficult to allow for dignity in that process"

Dr. Jaya Zavala,MD