Do You or Your Loved One Experience Uncomfortable Feelings, Worry About Safety, or Get Cold During Bathing? No Worry, Help is Here!

As founder of Dignity Bath and Spa, I also worried about my father's dignity and safety. As a child, I lost my dignity during hospital stays. I know you want to do more to help keep your loved ones safe, promote healthier interactions, leave your embarrassment at the bathroom door, and RESTORE dignity to your loved ones.

So, through Dignity Bath and Spa's carefully designed, signature fabric bathing coverup - THE WRAP - to curated spa focused products, your loved one can enjoy bathing again.

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THE WRAP-Our Signature Product

We have carefully designed our multi-purpose fabric coverup by utiliizing quick drying, lycra & polyester swimsuit fabric and by modifying the McCall's 1970s infamous terry cloth wrap towel.

Benefits and Uses

Provides Dignity - THE WRAP covers private areas. The Caregiver and Loved One will both feel much more comfortable standing very close to each other while bathing is taking place

Increases Safety - because wet skin is slippery, THE WRAP may help you reduce losing grip on your Loved One as you will be touching the non-slip material which clings to the skin like a swimsuit. Being able to stand closer to the Loved One, the Cargiver is in a better position to respond more quickly to a Loved One's movements

Better Cleansing - use THE WRAP as you would a washcloth for cleansing private areas and all areas the wrap covers. The perforated but gentle fabric allows bubbles to form and allows the soap through. It easily and quickly rinses clean aiding in the wiping/rinsing of the private areas

More Warmth - THE WRAP also increases warmth while in the shower and after before a dry towel or robe is applied as it cuts down on drafts and remains warm to the touch for a few minutes

Increased Comfort - sitting on a plastic rigid shower seat cannot feel good on anyone's tush. THE WRAP adds a barrier between your Loved One and the seat

Our Other Carefully Chosen Products

Our other products allow for a layer of separation between caregiver and loved one, fill the bathroom with a wonderful scent, help keep a loved one warm, and many more spa like benefits

"While it is hard to change the dependence factor, it is not difficult to allow for dignity in that process",Dr. Jaya Zavala,MD


"Thank you for creating such a great wrap. I recently started helping my dad take a shower and we use your wrap.   It is a life saver so that he is not naked in front of me.  He has vascular dementia and gets confused etc and needs help with all things."

Kathryn, Tampa, FL

"My sister's caregiver and husband love it [the Wrap]. They say it is very helpful; Nancy is less disruptive. She used to get angry when you moved her in and out of her wheelchair. Now the covering makes it faster and more comfortable" 

Mary, Laguna Beach, CA

How to Use THE WRAP

1. While your Loved One is dressed, take off or lightly lift up your Loved One's top and wrap THE WRAP around your Loved One's chest or waist

2. Begin to fully undress Loved One

3. Help Loved One into the shower or bath with THE WRAP on

4. Use THE WRAP as a washcloth for the private areas by applying soap directly onto it. Bubbles will form and the soap will reach the skin

5. Rinse thoroughly and use THE WRAP to wipe away any soap residue from the private areas

6. Wrap a towel around Loved One

7. Unsnap and remove THE WRAP. Be sure to place it in a safe place

8. Help Loved One dress

9. Rinse out THE WRAP and hang to dry

Dignity, Safety, Warmth, Freshness, Connection

No more aching for our loved ones who are humiliated when exposed during bathing.

No more embarrassment that they are nude in front of us. Less worry you will lose grip on them.

It is time for empowerment!

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