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Helping loved ones and caregivers improve their well-being

What does your loved one feel when you help her bathe?

Humility? Loss of Dignity? Loss of Enjoyment? Lack of Pampering?

As a caregiver, how do you feel?
Humiliation for your loved one, embarrassment?


"While it is hard to change dependency, it is not difficult to  allow for dignity in that process."                                                                       
 Co-founder, Dr. Jaya George-Zavala, MD

Our Bathing and Spa Experience

The Dignity Bath and Spa's designed and carefully chosen products bring back bathing and spa enjoyment from undressing to washing to dressing.  

A loved one's restored dignity...

"My sister's caregiver and husband love it [the Wrap]! They say that it is very helpful; she is less disruptive. She get's angry when you have to move her in and out of her wheelchair and this covering makes it faster and more comfortable."

Mary, Laguna Beach, CA

Male Bathing Wraps

10 Tips to make bathing a loved one more enjoyable:

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Dignity while bathing is now possible

Experience laughter and good conversation again