About Us

It was surreal that my dad was slowly disappearing from Alzheimer's, and I was losing the amazing person who raised me and was my biggest cheerleader.

Each day presented new challenges, but nothing stood out as much as having to help him with his showering - I had to improvise with solutions so I would not invade his privacy.  This experience gave me the idea to create The Wrap.

Those experiences combined with my experiences having been born with a leg disability in which I had to wear a brace with shoe lift and endure showing my 12" scar, I understand what it feels like to be looked at or being self conscious whether in the hospital, doctors' offices, or at the pool! But now, my empathy guides me and insures that my customers are center to Dignity Bath and Spa decisions. 

My dad was with me on my leg journey having made the crucial decisions  and I am now with him on his journey.  I know he would be supportive as some of his career involved bringing innovative medical products to the market!  

My dad, a veteran of the US Army, shown below.




Traci Cole, MBA, MEM, Founder & Caregiver

A business professional and entrepreneur with diverse experience in marketing strategy and branding, product development, consulting, and CAREGIVING. She spent time taking care of her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s and dealt with the multiple conflicting feelings while helping him shower. The wrap was developed to change the bathing situation to one of connection and laughter, rather than embarrassment and a loss of one’s dignity.



Dr. Jaya George-Zavala, M.D., Investor

Dr. George-Zavala is an Internal Medicine specialist who has spent the last 10 years studying longevity and health to improve the lives of her patients. She is the best-selling author of the book, Getting Into the Green Zone: Secrets to a Life of Optimal Health and Happiness.
One of the key factors she discovered that contributes to longevity and secondarily to happiness is the Individual’s sense of dignity and continued relevance in society. However, as people age, they become more reliant on others and that need in many ways strips them of their sense of dignity and relevance.
While it is hard to change the dependence factor, it is not difficult to allow for dignity in that process.