How Diginity Bath and spa started the journey

In the face of life's challenging circumstances, one individual found inspiration to create a meaningful solution to bring to bathing. Meet Traci Cole, the founder of Dignity Bath and Spa, an impactful brand driven by empathy and compassion.

The journey began when my beloved father, a veteran of the US Army, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Witnessing him slowly disappear was heartbreaking, as the condition took away the fantastic person who had raised me and been my biggest cheerleader throughout life. Each day presented new challenges, but nothing stood out as much as having to help him with his showering. I had to improvise with solutions so I would not invade his privacy. This experience gave me the idea to create The Wrap.

Combining the experiences of caring for my father with my experiences of having been born with a leg disability in which I had to wear a brace with a shoe lift and endure showing my 12" scar, I understand what it feels like to be exposed or looked at, whether in the hospital, doctors' offices, or at the pool! But now, my empathy guides me and ensures that my customers are center to Dignity Bath and Spa decisions.

Today, Dignity Bath and Spa stands as a beacon of empathy in healthcare, working tirelessly to ensure that every customer's needs are at the heart of its decisions, making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and their caregivers. The legacy of my father, a US Army veteran, lives on through the brand's commitment to innovation and dedication to serving those in need.

Through their personal experiences and the unwavering support of their father, I continue to build a brand that revolutionizes the healthcare and wellness industries with one simple yet profound goal: to restore dignity and comfort to the lives of those they touch.

  • "The Dignity Wrap has made a huge difference to my family. It allows my Mom a sense a privacy and helps restore her dignity during a difficult situation. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have helped make an awkward situation much less so for my Mom, me, and my sister"

  • "Hi, I purchased the Dignity Wrap for my Mom. She is 86 and has had AFIB making her very weak and unbalanced. It was no longer safe for her to shower alone. The first few times wither my sister or I would help my Mom, she was very embarrassed and uncomfortable. I searched online for anything to help my Mom during this process and so thankful to find the Dignity Wrap."