What is the best way to help bathe an older person ?

What is the best way to help bathe an older person ?

As our parents start to age, there are certain things that will become more difficult for them to do on their own. One of the most common things is showering or bathing.   

Health concerns and mobility issues may make it hard for our elderly parents to bathe on their own. Caring for a senior citizen can be challenging, but with patience and compassion, we can help them maintain their hygiene and dignity.


If a loved one suddenly stops taking care of themselves, it’s wise to rule out depression first. A checkup with a doctor is a good idea if low energy seems to be part of the change in behavior or if they just don’t seem interested in anything anymore.


Seniors feel like they’re losing control over their lives as they get older. As so much of their lives begin to no longer be under their control, personal hygiene feels like one of the few areas where a senior can still maintain control. After all, it’s pretty difficult to force someone to shower or bathe against their will. The more caregivers or family members argue, the more likely an older individual is to resist and hold firm.


It’s no surprise that a trip to the bathroom can be a frightening prospect for many seniors. Covered in hard, slick surfaces, the bathroom is a major spot for falls, making even a simple trip to the bathroom that much more intimidating (especially paired with the process of undressing, stepping in and out of the shower, reaching for shampoo bottles, etc.).


Make Plans for After the Shower is Done

Similarly, it can help to make plans about the fun activities you’ll be able to do after your loved one takes a bath. This gives the seniors an activity to look forward to that they’ll enjoy, which helps them avoid fixating on the shower itself.

Suggest going out to lunch, going to see a movie or another activity the elderly individual will enjoy. Try not to put too much emphasis on the shower, and instead try to situate it as the necessary predecessor to the desired activity.

We can help Loved Ones maintain their dignity by utilizing THE WRAP - a fabric shower cover-up.

Best bathing wrap for seniors

The Dignity Bath & Spa Bathing Cover-up is lightweight and the elastic is thick, so it helps keep the wrap stay put on the wearer.


How to use the WRAP

While your Loved one is dressed, take off or lightly lift up your Loved One's top and wrap THE WRAP around your Loved. Rotating opening towards the thigh. Use The WRAP as a washcloth for the private areas by applying soap directly onto THE WRAP. Bubbles will form and the soap will reach the skin.Rinse thoroughly and use THE WRAP to wipe away any soap residue from the private areas.

Place a towel over Loved One and take off THE WRAP. Rinse out THE WRAP and hang to dry.

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