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A Male Wrap - keep privates...private

A Male Wrap - keep privates...private

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Designed for males. Made of swimsuit fabric, The Wrap is meant to be worn in the shower - keeping his privates...private.   The Wrap also acts as a washcloth and helps to reduce loosing grip on your loved one.

Put on The Wrap BEFORE undressing, undress, bathe


  • Light swimsuit fabric - 95% polyester / 5% spandex 
  • One size fits most (waist 24" to 44")
  • Secure fitting with snaps and non-slip silicone liner 
  • Designed so one side of body is exposed to water 
  • After each use ring out and hang to dry, dries quickly 
  • Wash in cold water, hang to dry

$29.99 + tax 

 *patent pending

Dignity is possible, boundaries are secure