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Welmedx: All-in-One Cleanser for Head & Body

Welmedx: All-in-One Cleanser for Head & Body

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Experience gentle and convenient cleansing with our No-Rinse Adult Gentle Cleansing Foam!

Perfect for:

    • Home Use: Freshen up anytime without needing a shower or bath.
    • Fragile Skin: The pH-balanced formula soothes and cares for sensitive skin.
    • Multiple Uses: Cleanse your body, hair, and personal areas with one versatile product.
    • Easy Application: Pump directly onto a washcloth, Konjac sponge, or hands for mess-free cleansing.


    • Rinse-Free Convenience: Enjoy the ease of cleansing without needing to rinse water.
    • Gentle Formula: Calms and nourishes fragile skin with calendula extract and panthenol.
    • Effective Cleansing: Lifts and removes dirt, odor-causing germs, and bacteria.
    • Moisturizing & Nourishing: Leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
    • Fresh Scent: Enjoy a light and pleasant fragrance.
    • Expert-Developed: Formulated with the needs of sensitive skin in mind.
    • Made in the USA: Manufactured with quality and care.


    • Body & Personal Areas: Pump foam onto a washcloth or directly onto the skin.Gently wipe clean and repeat as needed.
    • Hair: Pump foam into hair, massage in, and towel dry. Repeat as needed.
    • In Shower/Bath: Apply to wet Konjac sponge and gently cleanse skin and hair.

Order your No-Rinse Adult Gentle Cleansing Foam today and experience the convenience of gentle cleansing anytime, anywhere!

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